Kerbside collections


Waste and recycling

  1. Copeland's new kerbside recycling service

    In April 2018 we will launch our brand new kerbside recycling service.

    It will replace the current 'black box' service. The service will cover the areas currently covered by the black box collections, and we also hope to extend it further where possible.

    Take a look at our press releases:

    This release was put out when we first revealed the scheme

    This release tells you about two events we are running in December to tell people more about the service.

    This release describes the containers we plan to use for the new service.

    Christmas is a great time to recycle. Click here for lots of tips on festive recycling.

    Until the new kerbside service comes in, we hope everyone will keep recycling as much as possible. This page tells you more about what you can recycle right now - in your black box or at 'bring' sites. This document tells you where those bring sites are.

Customer services

  1. Services

    Here you can find out about the various services offered across Copeland. Some are provided by us and others are provided by other organisations and community groups.

    Find out more about the Good Neighbours Project.

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