Pigeons and other wild birds

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Pigeons, starlings and other wild birds can become a problem if they are not controlled. Large numbers of birds can cause a nuisance with noise and droppings which can be hazardous to health.

The problem

Starlings are known to wreak havoc in gardens where there is cultivated fruits such as blueberries, strawberries, peach trees, apple trees as well as large vineyards. It is also troubling and quite costly when roosts have taken over a structure, such as your home, barn or patio covering. Droppings from all pest birds are very acidic and will eventually corrode the structure they are left on. The acid from the bird droppings will eat through machinery, roofs, wood, steel, metal and paint. Bird droppings can also clog ventilation ducts and obstruct drainage systems. Birds will nest in the gutters and clog them up.

The birds

Pigeon by digidreamgrafix/

Pigeons, starlings and sparrows can all cause problems if they are in large numbers. Starlings in particular can be aggressive, whilst many people are bothered by pigeons particularly taking off and landing.

The law

Pigeons are not currently protected by law.

The council

We have no legal duty or responsibility to tackle the problem of pigeons and wild birds. We do not provide a pest control treatment service.

The answer

Prevention is the best course of action. There is a wide array of bird proofing on the market today to suit almost every situation. Netting is often the most popular answer. Bird netting can be 100% successful when installed correctly. Nets come in sizes to suit house sparrows, starlings and feral pigeons.

Birds, like any pest, are attracted by the presence of food and water. Be vigilant and ensure a good standard of hygiene – particularly if you run a business. Regularly remove unwanted residual food including spillages of food and water.

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Published: 23 August 2013 - 9:21am