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Dong Energy is applying to the Planning Inspectorate for a Development consent order (DCO) to extend the Walney offshore wind farm. 

The wind farm is not within the boundary of Copeland. However, it will be visible from along the coast from as far north as Egremont down to Millom.  As we are within 35km of the application we are considered to be within the Zone of visual influence (ZVI). 

We will still be consulted on aspects of the application and there will be an opportunity to make representations. 

We have already replied to the first stage of the consultation process submitting a joint consultation response with Cumbria County Council, Lancashire County Council, South Lakeland District, Lake District National Park and Lancaster City Council.


For the local Economy:

  • Potential benefits to the local economy through the generation of new jobs.
  • An increase in developers in the area using local facilities and the local supply chain.

 For the Environment:

  • Renewable energy is an important part of the energy mix that is needed to support the UK in meeting its carbon reduction targets and ensuring we provide sustainable forms of energy production.
  • Wind energy is a renewable source of energy and the initial carbon dioxide emission from energy used in the installation is ‘paid back’ fairly rapidly.

For the Community

  • The immediate impact on the local community is reduced as the turbines are located out to sea and therefore the normal implications associated with wind turbines such as flicker and noise are not an issue and in some cases the visual impact is much less than on shore wind turbines.
  • Off shore developers are considering the different forms of community benefit that they could directly provide to communities that are still impacted by the development.

How’s it going?

Dong Energy has already held drop-in consultation events in Egremont and Millom in September 2011 and 2012. They have also ran a wider public consultation that closes on 23November 2012.

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Published: 23 October 2012 - 10:55am