Family mediation and counselling

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This can help you sort out disagreements when you're separating or divorcing.  You both need to go willingly and decisions made aren't legally binding.

There are two types of mediation:

  • court-based, where children are involved and the court refers you.  Court-based dispute resolution schemes are free.  The court will usually ask a Children and Family Reporter to get involved.  They work for the Children and Family Court Advisory Service (Cafcass) and are independent of the courts, social services, children's services and health authorities.  The Children and Family Reporter will work with you and your partner to come to the best arrangements for the children. If you come to an agreement at this point, the case may not need to go on.

Relationship counselling

If you think there is any chance of staying together, however small, it may help to talk to a Relate counsellor.  Relate is the country's largest provider of relationship support.

If children are involved, it may be worth contacting a local mediator for help.

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Published: 27 July 2012 - 3:08pm